TRAZOS SISTEMAS in its 20 year history, has had to continually adapt to the demands that have marked the markets and times. The continuous process of growth and diversification that has been with us since our birth, has forced us to move our infrastructure to a new headquarters in obedience to the need to organize our employees and facilitate their work, creating a comfortable working environment, dynamic and effective.

We have achieved the objective of consolidating the headquarters of our company in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), whose facilities comes alive in our technical study and where we will be delighted to welcome you.



TRAZOS ESTUDIO TÉCNICO began its journey in the field of electronics and mechanics in 1989 in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), and later in 1992 to consolidate as TRAZOS SISTEMAS SL Born in the line of design, develop and centralize all the different phases in the creation of a product from its conception as an idea to manufacturing in the quantities demanded by the customer. Today we are proud to have qualified professionals from specialized to satisfy the most demanding workshops. In recent years, TRAZOS SISTEMAS has experienced strong growth that the company has established itself as one of the largest in the sector. The result is reflected in the form of adjusted multiple facilities operating in an exemplary manner to acquire presence throughout the Iberian peninsula.


We are aware of the high expectations that we generate for our customers in terms of quality, personal attention and professionalism. We therefore consider that a vital variable in providing maximum satisfaction, is to have a full team to develop projects regardless of their size or level of demand.
In this sense, we are proud to say that both its technical capacity and its human value, the set of professionals who make up our workforce is definitely our most valuable asset and therefore guarantee success. We can say that the family of engineers and technicians with whom we have, has been able to resolve and professional response to each of the commitments and requirements which has been compromised.


Ensuring the quality of the finished product, it is the primary goal and indispensable principle of TRAZOS SISTEMAS. Quality ensures customer compliance and our own company, we understand that the process that allows us to meet our commitment begins in the category and care facilities and ends on the advice of the product that we provide the customer from the it takes time. In TRAZOS SISTEMAS confident that no organization is worthy of subsistence without a series of ethical and moral values that root activity. These values are reflected in the commitment, honesty and loyalty we owe to customers who rely on us and which we then respond.


We base our work area in the design, development and manufacture of electronic and mechanical systems. For us, it is essential to build on these three pillars, allowing us to assess the scope of activity that a society in continual progress demand, adapting to the latest standards and the most advanced technologies. Having defined the objectives, we develop projects to complete with the effort, dedication and seriousness that define the way we work. We have expanded our area of operation to applications for smartphones by opening a separate department,    All this makes us a company to have continually in mind when making the most complex projects actually listening to the customer and proposing based on our knowledge and long experience in order to support and complement its objective solutions.


We understand that a good relationship with customers and suppliers is vital in obtaining satisfactory results. We based this idea conceived both as collaborators with whom to exchange ideas and proposals that allow us to achieve jointly our ultimate goal, namely, obtaining quality that defines our products and services.
According to our company policy, we interact with our suppliers in order to obtain the best raw material from which then will tailor our products, and in turn, we maintain an ongoing relationship with our customers by providing advice, support and information they request it, available while maintaining the personal touch and ethical values that identify us.



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